Friday, January 27

Glass Bar Danglings Over A Cliff In The State Of Georgia.

Due to its mild ale, you might first need to consume a serving of alcohol before you can even think about heading to the drinking establishment. At Dashbashi Canyon, a 240-meter-long (787 feet) glass pedestrian bridge in the shape of a “diamond” suspended to a “peak” was designed.

The transparent, steel and glass structure, which rises to 280 meters—or about 919 feet—and spans across the natural monument, offers panoramic views of its stunning waterfalls and caves. The enormous bridge took around three years to construct, with Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili attending its official opening on June 14.

The bridge’s multi-level bar, located at its highest point, is reportedly the world’s largest and tallest hanging structure. The venue has been submitted to the Guinness World Records as such. The project also includes a zip line, where visitors can bike across the canyon and a cliff “swing,” while an array of guest suites located near the site are due to open in the coming months. Tomer Mor Yosef from Kass Group revealed that the shape of the bar was inspired by the canyon itself.

The objective was to make an extreme, remarkable, and unforgettable event that would fully resurrect the guest’s senses and will remain imprinted in long-term memory.

The spectacular new glass-bottomed bridge at the scenic Svaneti site in Georgia, which opened earlier this month, attracted a large number of tourists. The bridge is considered one of Georgia’s most impressive natural monuments. It comes after the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge opened in Vietnam in April. In the same week that Georgia dropped all remaining Covid-19 entry requirements for international visitors, returning to its pre-pandemic border policy, the news was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Georgia on June 15.


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